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We have a variety of endoscopes of different lengths and diameters to enable us to visualise some otherwise inaccessible parts of the horse.

It is used regularly to investigate abnormalities of the respiratory system whether the problem be coughing, abnormal noise during exercise, poor performance, nasal discharge or nosebleeds.

We can examine the nasal passages, throat, larynx, guttural pouches, trachea (windpipe) and bronchi. We are also able to take samples via the endoscope which enable us to accurately diagnose the cause of the problem and then monitor response to targeted treatment.

Some of the endoscopes are portable and can be used at client’s premises, with the vet looking directly down the small eyepiece on the scope (optical endoscope).
The clinic based videoendoscopes allow the image to be viewed on a large TV monitor and recorded. This means we can review in detail the video with the client after the examination has been completed.

We also have access to an overground dynamic endoscope for use in exercising horses.
The endoscopes are also useful in investigations of the stomach (see gastroscopy), urinary tract and genital tract.