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Gastroscopy Guide for Horse Owners


  • Your horse’s stomach needs to be empty for the vet to be able to see its lining.
  • It is important to starve your horse of food before gastroscopy.
  • Remove feed and hay the night before.
  • Ensure there is plenty of clean fresh water.
  • Ensure your horse can’t eat its bedding; shavings are preferable to straw.

Diagnostic Procedure

  • The procedure will last approximately 60 minutes.
  • Your horse will be given standing sedation.
  • The gastroscopy involves a 3.3 metre long endoscopic video camera being inserted into the nostril down the oesophagus to view the stomach.
  • There are typically no side-effects from the procedure, although uncommonly some horses may experience a brief self-resolving nose bleed.
  • The vet will then be able to thoroughly explain any diagnosis, treatment and aftercare plan.

After care

  • Check with the vet how long you should wait for after sedation to be able to safely feed, transport or turn out your horse.

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