Terms & Conditions of the £20 Zone visit scheme

  1. We reserve the right to alter the boundaries of practice zones.
  2. For our long established Visit Scheme this will only be provided on the zone day allocated to your area. At all other times a flat rate visit charge of £85 will apply in normal working hours.
  3. Zone visits must be booked by 5pm on the day preceding your allocated zone day; for a Zone Monday visit this means by 5pm on the preceding Friday.
  4. Visit times will be allocated on the morning of the visit.
  5. We reserve the right to refuse a zone visit to any client in breach of our business terms and conditions.
  6. Please note that a flat rate visit charge of £85 will apply if you phone in for a visit on the day.
  7. If you require an emergency visit, outside normal office hours of Monday to Friday 9.00am to 5.00pm or at a weekend, an additional Emergency Attendance fee of £250 will apply.
  8. Weekends and Public Holidays are not included within our Zone Visit Scheme.
  9. Time and Vet Requests are not included within the Zone Visit Scheme, if you need to have a specific Vet or Time for your appointment a charge of £85.00 will apply.
  10.  5 or more horses seen at the same time at the same location you can get a FREE visit on your Zone Day